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At Maxwell Equestrian we do our best to measure each size of each product and accurately describe them on the website however if you are unsure that an item may not fit, please ensure you try it on in a way to keep the item in "new, unused" quality. If a product has been used, we may not be able to accept a return for a refund. 

To try on boots, we suggest placing glad-wrap or similar around the horses leg before trying the boots on for size.

Brushing Boots


Boot height: 29cm

Width: 31cm



Boot height: 27cm

Width: 29cm



Boot height: 26cm

Width: 28cm



Not yet available


Full size : 16"

Cob size : 15"

Pony size : 14"

Loop size at each end of the browband for all sizes is 3.5cm

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